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Silver Linings

Silver Linings

This is the first Lifestyle Blog post I ever wrote. In November of 2019, I wrote this for my friends at Front Porch Swingers at their invitation. You should definitely check out their blog and podcast. Here is the link to this post there: Now that I have my own blog, I wanted to republish it here. I hope you enjoy it.

Single guys flake.  It happens.  It’s just one of those negative things you have to put up with for the pleasure of being in the lifestyle.  I have a pretty good bullshit detector.  However this particular guy slipped under the radar.  Here’s my story of how one guy’s flaking led to some of the best sex I’ve ever had and my lesson to always look for the silver linings.

At this point, my husband and I had been in an active hotwife dynamic for about 13 months.  I should explain that we are somewhere in the middle on the hotwife spectrum.  We aren’t quite a Stag/Vixen couple nor are we a strict cuckolding couple.  We fall somewhere in the middle.  I had been texting with this single guy, let’s call him B, off and on for a month. I try to keep the men I chat with geographically close, but he said that he traveled my way often for work.  The extra distance appealed to me as we were still relatively new in our lifestyle journey and liked the separation away from the vanilla home life.  However, we had been unsuccessful in meeting up.  Cue the summer road trip.  My husband and I decided that this would be the perfect time for a little hotwife fun.

I contacted B and told him that we would be traveling close to his town.  We decided that he would get the hotel room next door to ours so that my husband could listen through the connected door.  He agreed, and we booked the room.  We understand that things happen.  We all lead busy lives, and sometimes life gets in the way of playtime.  We told him the night before that if he needed to cancel to please let us know before we couldn’t cancel the room.  B said he was definitely in.  

Then things took a turn.  The next day, while we were DRIVING to the hotel, he texts me that his auntie died suddenly, and he couldn’t make it.  Really?  His auntie.  Cue the eyeroll and the sigh of irritation.

So I did what any disappointed hotwife would do.  I stewed and sat in my anger and frustration for about 30 minutes, and then I pulled myself together and decided there was no way I was going to waste a perfectly good hotwife evening.   Unbeknownst to my husband since he was focused on driving, I got on SLS and started looking for guys near where we were stopping for the night.  I found a couple of single guys that looked nice and sent some messages and hoped for the best.  Around twenty minutes later, the guy, who had the best profile of those I’d looked at, messaged me back.  We started chatting, and he was interesting and funny enough that I wanted to take the next step.  We agreed to meet in the hotel bar and see where the evening would take us.  

My mood completely turned around.  Whereas before I was pissed off and disappointed, now I was filled with excitement and anticipation.  My husband was happy, if a bit surprised to see the change in my mood when I giddily informed him of our delicious change in fortune.  We were both filled with hopeful anticipation.  I told my husband that if this guy flaked he was going to have his work cut out to make me feel better.  After we arrived at the hotel and got settled, I did my makeup, and my husband picked out my thong and dress like he usually does.  As he knelt before me and slid the thong up my legs, my husband gave my pussy a kiss and told me he hoped that the next time he saw my pussy that it would be puffy and used from having amazing sex with the stranger I was about to meet.  He knows just what to say to turn us both on.  I kissed him goodnight and went down to the bar.  

The guy, let’s call him J, was there. He was tall, handsome, and a well-built gentleman with a great smile.  He immediately went in for a hug and a kiss on the cheek, and he smelled fantastic, a combination of freshly showered, mild cologne, and him!  I felt that little jolt of electricity I get when the initial attraction is solid.  We got drinks, sat together in a booth, and began to chat.  He was charming, a great conversationalist.  We talked about our lifestyle experience, likes and dislikes.  Everything was clicking.  He began to rub my leg as we talked.  Inching his hand ever higher on my thigh.  It was summer, so I was wearing a spaghetti strap summer dress with the black thong my husband picked out.  His hand was warm on my thigh in the chilly hotel bar, gently stroking and making me slightly lose my train of thought.  I was turned towards him and had my arm across the top of the low back of the booth, running my fingers on his shoulder. He was funny and flirtatious and very sexy.  Humor and intelligence are a turn on for me, and I was getting very wet at the thought of fucking him, imagining what his cock was like and how it would feel.  We finished our drinks and decided to go to his place since it was only five minutes from the hotel.  I texted my husband the address and let him know our plans.  I sent him my location on the gps tracking app that we use for safety, and I felt my pussy tingle with anticipation.  

I love walking into the home of a potential bull.  I love to see their books, photographs, and little peeks into their lives. You can tell so much about a man from how he keeps his home.  J’s home was welcoming, clean and comfortable.  I could tell that he took pride in his home, and that helped put me at ease.   After we got to his place, he poured me another drink, and we chatted and flirted some more.  We couldn’t stop touching each other.  I wondered if he was ever going to make a move, and then I realized that he was waiting for me to demonstrate that I was completely comfortable.  I told him that I wanted to kiss him.  He leaned in, and we kissed.  I felt as if a spike of adrenaline had shot straight to my pussy.  He kissed me expertly with just the right amount of tongue, his lips full and firm.  I felt myself crawling on top of him and straddling him on the couch.  I could feel his erection pressing through his pants against my pussy. His strong arms were around my waist, hugging me, and my hands crept up from his face to tangle in his hair.  He caressed my ass and moved to my tits as my hips began to gyrate, trying to get my pussy closer to his cock.  We came up for air and kinda laughed at how suddenly things had escalated.  He cocked his head, smiled, and said, “do you want to move this upstairs, because I think we are wearing way too many clothes.”  I told him yes, and we walked up to his bedroom.  

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Our kisses quickly escalated, and he removed my dress. J told me he needed to taste me.   He pushed me back onto the bed, hastily pulled my thong off in such a contrast to the slow teasing way my husband had, less than an hour before, lovingly put it on me, and dove face first to my pussy.  His tongue felt amazing, but no one can match my husband’s almost 20 year head start in knowing how to eat my pussy.  After a few minutes, I knew I wanted to taste what I had been feeling only a few moments before.  “My turn.” I told him as I sat up and pulled his pants down, got on my knees, and freed his cock.  J was bigger than most of my playmates, and I began to really go to town on his cock, licking and swirling my tongue around the head.  I was on my knees, naked, and with the large cock of a man I had met only an hour prior in my hand, licking up the shaft and running my nails on his thighs.  I couldn’t help but think, “I love my life.”  I sucked him and edged him with my mouth twice.  Then I did one of my favorite party tricks: I put the condom on with my mouth. 

I laid back down on the bed.  I love the feeling of spreading my legs for a new man and feeling the weight of his body as he slowly entered me.  That has become one of my favorite parts of being a hotwife, experiencing the feeling of the thrust of a new cock for the very first time.  He was not small, and the mushroom head of his cock raked against my g-spot in just the right way.  He started fucking me slowly and then picking up speed as we both became more frenzied.  I enjoy rough and hard, pounding sex, so through my moans I would encourage him to go deeper and harder.  Wrapping my legs around him and feeling him pound me.  J had amazing stamina, which I love.  He flipped me over and grabbed my hips and fucked me hard from behind.  I’m not a passive nor quiet partner, and this man had me clawing the sheets and moaning and screaming until my throat was sore.  He got on his back, and I rode that delicious cock some more, squirting all over him in the process.  After I’d lost track of my orgasms, he asked if I wanted a break and some water.  He grabbed a couple of bottles from the nightstand and wet a warm washcloth for me to clean up a bit.  I hoped we weren’t finished because I love seeing a man cum.  We were chatting a bit, telling each other what we liked and laughing about lifestyle stories.  Casually touching and letting the sexual tension rebuild.  He said that he rarely cums when he plays because he becomes so focused on his partner’s pleasure.  “Challenge accepted,” I thought.

Looking at his body, touching him, and feeling his fingers softly trace patterns on my skin, I felt my arousal build again.  The sexual tension rose and ended the conversation, and we reached for each other, kissing and hands grabbing.  Another condom and he was inside me again.  Multiple positions, more orgasms.  Oh my God, the head of his cock hit my g-spot perfectly, and I felt myself gushing with every thrust.  Then I felt my clit orgasm build as I wrapped my legs around his legs and his pubic bone was hitting my clit with every thrust.  I actually had a massive simultaneous clit and g-spot orgasm, and my vaginal muscles clamped down on his cock.  His eyes widened, and he came hard with me.  We both looked at each other like “did that really just happen?!”  We laughed and chatted about how well our sexual chemistry matched to allow for the novelty of a simultaneous orgasm as we cleaned each other up.  J drove me back to my hotel.  I thanked him for an amazing evening and for completely turning my day around, kissed him goodbye and hurried upstairs to my husband.

My husband was waiting for me when I got there, and I immediately sat on his face while I told him all about my amazing encounter with J.  My husband loves to eat my freshly fucked pussy.  I sucked and licked his cock in between telling him about how J fucked me so well that I was dehydrated.  My legs were still shaking as I was straddling his face and feeling my arousal build again.  I was tender and sore, but he licked and sucked me to completion once again.  Our reconnection was perfect.  My husband told me how happy he was that I got the fucking I deserved and that I had found a really good single guy in the lifestyle and not another flaker.  We were both delighted with how well the encounter had gone.  That evening ended up teaching me a great lifestyle lesson.  Don’t worry if a single guy flakes on you, just move on, stay optimistic, and look around.  If you’re lucky, you’ll end up with shaky legs and a quivering pussy.  So that’s my little story about how a flaker almost rained on my evening, but I found my perfect silver lining. 

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