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She’s a gusher! A Toy Box Tease

I’m a squirter.  When I get really turned on and when my playmate hits a certain spot just right, I will gush during sex.  If my long time play partner uses his hands just right, I look like a damn Rainbird sprinkler!  I wasn’t always this way, and I used to watch porn videos and think that it couldn’t possibly be real.  When I entered the lifestyle and learned that there were women who did, in fact, squirt, I started to wonder if I could as well.  Turns out, that’s a big yes. And as it also turns out, for me, squirting was a switch that once it got flipped on, I haven’t figured out how to turn it off. So, learned to adapt, ride the wave, and make some new equipment purchases for my toy box.

Squirting is sexy.  I have yet to meet a man who doesn’t view it as the Holy Grail in female pleasure.  There are countless online tutorials devoted to teaching men how to “make their women squirt.”  There are toys claiming to hit that spot guaranteeing to make her gush!  In the movie, When Harry Met Sally, Meg Ryan’s brilliant performance in the diner sowed the seeds of doubt into men everywhere that perhaps the women they were with could have been faking it.  Her masterful performance nailed men’s doubts about their own performance as lovers.  Comedian Bert Kreischer does an entire bit about the uncertainty men have about giving a woman an orgasm versus the proof of man’s orgasm.  With that in mind, having tangible proof of a woman’s pleasure is incredibly attractive to men.

I remember being at a lifestyle party and playing with a handsome man who knew his way around a woman’s body.  I was very aroused and warned him that I might gush on him.  He asked if I could squirt and upon hearing an affirmative, asked me if I wanted him to make me squirt. I said yes, and he asked someone for a towel.  They came back with a hand towel, and I said, “um…you’re gonna need a bigger boat.” 

That being said, I hate to be the one to burst the bubble, gentlemen, but squirting doesn’t always equate to orgasms for women.  For some women, it is simply a physical reaction.  Their bodies do it whether they are orgasming or not.  I, however, am not one of those women.  I have a very specific, intense pleasure and release that happens when I squirt.  It is different than other types of orgasms though.  To further rain on the sex parade, squirting doesn’t equate to lubrication.  I could be soaked from squirt, but I might still feel the need for lube because the texture of squirt is almost like water.  If you’ve ever had sex in a pool or shower, you know that water is a terrible lubricant.

This brings me to my favorite toy to use for playing with playmates and cuckolding my husband, my trusty waterproof blanket!  Since this week is #CuckWeek I would be remiss if I didn’t write a blog post about a squirting Hotwife’s best friend, my blankie! With the amount of squirt that I can gush, the lube I sometimes need, and the rough sex I enjoy, my playtimes tend to be quite messy.  That is one reason I love having a couple of waterproof blankets.  I can just throw my queen sized one down on the bed and toss it in the washing machine when I am finished.  Super easy to clean up after a good and intense play session. 

I also have a smaller one that I love taking with me on play dates because it’s compact and easy to transport.  A new playmate might underestimate what they’ve gotten themselves into with me. Bringing the small blanket provides a more discrete way of showing a little common courtesy by providing a barrier to the bed he is likely to sleep on after I leave. Additionally, if we want to move play from the bedroom to the couch, I always have a way to protect the furniture.

Though my husband and I have waterproof mattress covers on all our mattresses, we wanted me to have more options and locations to play around our home.  Also, when I would have overnights at a hotel, I would need two beds, one for playing and one for sleeping.  With my blanket, I can enjoy sleeping next to my playmate in a big king-sized bed after a wild night of play, and no one sleeps in the wet spot!  We originally looked at getting a waterproof blanket from a popular company which manufactures sex pillows and other furniture, but their throws range in price from $99-$210.  We didn’t want to pay that much, especially when we read some mixed reviews.  Then we thought, “why not use a pet blanket?”

We bought the 80” X 60” PetAmi Waterproof Dog Blanket.  Initially I was worried that it wouldn’t be soft enough, but after delivery I found it to be so soft and fluffy!  They come in a variety of colors and sizes.  It has soft sherpa and microfiber fleece with a waterproof membrane sandwiched between.  It’s machine washable and able to be tumble dried on low. This size is big enough to cover the top surface of our queen-sized bed, and it has become a staple of my overnight bag. I loved it so much but sometimes the size made it a little bulky to transport. We went back to PatAmi to explore other options and I bought the smaller 29” X 40” throw to take with me for brief playdates or to keep on the couch when my playmate comes over and makes for a quick and easy clean up.  The prices of these were more reasonable than the other purpose made blankets.  They retail on Amazon for $17.99 for the smaller throw, and $34.99 for our bigger blanket.  

The only cons so far are that there is a very slight crackling sound which developed after about a year of regular play.  That might indicate that the membrane has been damaged by the heat from the dryer, but so far, that doesn’t seem to be the case.  It’s also a very warm blanket. As both sides are cozy and cuddly, things can get overheated and pretty sweaty during sex. That might cause some sensory issues for some, but it hasn’t deterred me! There also isn’t a huge color variety.  Most of the ones with different colors also have white on one side.  That can be problematic in sexual circumstances. 

Final Rundown:


  • Great value
  • Easy to care and clean
  • Soft and cozy
  • Multiple sizes.


  • Will eventually start to crackle a little after regular washings
  • Need more color options
  • Very warm blanket, might cause overheating during sexy time.

I give the PetAmi blankets a 4.75 out of 5.  You absolutely get your money’s worth out of this product, and if you are a squirter or just enjoy messy sex play, your furniture will thank you for this!  As usual, here is my quick disclaimer that I am not a licensed health or sexual expert, all opinions are my own and do not constitute medical advice. Join me on the Mōn app to discuss this review in more detail. If you enjoyed this review, reach out to me on Twitter or Instagram with more ideas.  If you want to support more reviews and other articles, please consider buying me a coffee!

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