Welcome to my blog, the Headstrong Hotwife. My name is Mistress K, and I am a Hotwife/Cuckoldress Domme Primal. I am Non-Monogamous, Bi-curious, and Heteromantic. I unabashedly own my sexuality as a Slut, and I lead my marriage within the agreement of our FLR. I’m a Kinkster and a Sexual Health advocate. I’m a wife, a mother, a lover, a leader, a kinkster, an advocate, a nerd, and a friend. I am not, however, a medical expert or licensed sex health professional. This blog will be a little bit of everything: a chronicle of my experiences, my opinions on various aspects of the lifestyle, and a bit of my fantasies. My writings reflect my point of view as a cis-gendered woman in a hetero-normative dynamic.

My logo has a lot of meaning for me. The knife represents my own journey into kink. The paddle is a symbol of the Female Led Relationship I am in with my husband. Both of those elements are supported by the foundation of our Cuckolding dynamic as represented by the lock and key. The trust and communication that has deepened through our journey into CNM is what has led to each step of this journey. I’m glad you’re here as I continue my along my path, and I hope this blog helps you as you navigate your own course.

I started this blog with the idea to give something back to the community that has helped me so much. However, just because I’m a strong woman who owns her sexuality doesn’t mean I know diddly squat about running or setting up a blog. So I hope you will be patient with me as my Luddite self attempts to work out the kinks (so to speak) on making this site what I envision. Big thank you to all the people who helped and encouraged me with this blog, especially my loving husband and cuckold, my playmates, my SLUTsisters, and other wonderful humans.