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Accessorize Me!

Wearable Kink: A Toy Box Tease

In Steel Magnolias, Clairee Belcher says “The only thing that separates us from the animals Is our ability to accessorize.”  From sweet sixteen necklaces, to engagement rings, to wedding rings, jewelry has often been more than just a fashion accessory.  Jewelry and clothing have long been used to express individual personality.  There are lots of ways people like to incorporate their sexuality and kinks into their everyday wear.  In the 80s and 90s, there was a trend of men wearing an earring in a left or right ear to indicate if they were straight or gay.  Within the kink community, some submissives have “day collars” that symbolize their 24hr power dynamic.  I’ve seen some submissive men wear a chain with a small padlock.  I’ve also seen some women in a total power exchange wearing very delicate or pretty choker style necklaces to symbolize their collared status. 

The symbol that has become synonymous with Hotwifing and Cuckolding is the anklet.  Some people say it means different things depending on which ankle you are wearing it on.  Some women subscribe to this, but I just wear mine on my right ankle.  I love the anklets I own.  I have a couple of different ones that I wear, and I would like more.  One of my anklets comes from a company called Hotwife Charms.  I love the thrill I get from wearing my anklet in public and wondering if a man might know what it means. 

My husband and I have a bit of a ritual with my jewelry.  Not always, but often, I prefer for him to put my anklet on.  He also likes to help me slide on my panties or thong when I’m getting ready for a date.  These little moments are opportunities for us both to connect with each other and tap into that sexual desire and tension we want for these encounters.  I love the ticklish feeling of my anklet dangling as I’m chatting with a prospective playmate.  It’s unobtrusive enough that I’m never worried about making anyone around me uncomfortable.

Chastity play is a popular kink with cuckolding couples.  Wearing keys in public are a way couples can enjoy the thrill of their chastity kink without imposing it on someone without their consent.  However, a common complaint is that the keys aren’t pretty, or they are bulky, especially the keys for the integrated lock system of chastity cages.  There are companies that custom make keys that are both decorative and functional.  One company is Chastity Shop.  These aren’t cheap and can sometimes coast as much as a custom-made cage.  This can be worth it to a couple that engage with chastity as a 24/7 dynamic. 

However, there are some cuckoldresses that opt to wear a symbolic key necklace.  It can be in place of a real chastity key or sometimes they will wear the actual key on a date as a tease. I have done both.  I have loved those times when I tease my husband with the key by running my hand over it during dinner.  I have also worn my key during sexual activity as another way to tease or engage in erotic humiliation with him.  Sometimes wearing the actual key can be heavy, or it just isn’t the look I desire.  I enjoy wearing my symbolic key during those times.  Some people at lifestyle parties have asked me if my key necklace means what they think it means.  It’s always fun to grin and ask them what they think it means. 

Anklets and keys are fun ways for me to express my sexuality and relationship dynamic in public.  However, I’m not always able to wear an anklet, or wearing a necklace all day would just annoy the hell out of me.  So I wanted something to wear every day to symbolize the Female Led Relationship and the cuckolding dynamic that I have with my husband.  I had been thinking about it for a while, and I loathe the idea of imposing a kink onto someone.  On a traveling adventure with my husband, I found exactly what I wanted.  It’s a leather bracelet that doubles as a cock ring!  It’s perfect!  I wear it every day.  Our FLR and our cuckolding rest upon the foundation that I own his cock and make the decisions about how and when he can use it.  I love that I can take off my bracelet and wrap it around his cock and balls if I want.  When I snap it on my wrist in the morning, I just feel connected with him.

Finally, there is one piece of kinky jewelry that I always keep in my purse, just in case.  It’s practical as well as fashionable, and it will give you some pinpoint precision pleasure.  I’m talking about the Vesper Vibrator Necklace from Crave.  It’s discreet enough to wear to the PTA meeting.  It’s not only an elegant piece of jewelry, but it will absolutely get your clitoris tingling! 

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It’s made from stainless steel and comes in three colors: silver, rose gold, and gold.  It comes with a 26” chain, and the pendant is almost 3.8 inches long.  It has four speeds, which are activated by one button on the side, low, medium, high, and pulse.  You recharge it by unscrewing the cap and attaching the provided USB charging cable.  It can even be engraved with a specific message.  I left mine blank. 

I found out that it is a popular piece of jewelry in the lifestyle.  I went to a party one time, and no less than four women were all wearing the necklace!  We were all laughing about it and talking about how much fun it is to use them when you need it.  I’ve also used it for sensory play.  It’s a lot of fun for nipple stimulation too! 

As usual, here is my quick disclaimer that I am not a licensed health or sexual expert, all opinions are my own and do not constitute medical advice. Join me on the Mōn app to discuss this review in more detail. If you enjoyed this review, reach out to me on Twitter or Instagram with more ideas.  If you want to support more reviews and other articles, please consider buying me a coffee!

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