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CuckWeek 2023

CuckWeek 2023

It’s back!

#CuckWeek is back. It also marks the one year anniversary of when I launched this blog. It began as a way to share my experiences as a Hotwife/Cuckoldress, to clear up some misconceptions about this form of non-monogamy, and to be an advocate for reducing sexual shame and promoting sexual health. Cuck Week was the kick in the pants I needed to actually get the ball rolling. Apparently, I work well with deadlines.

In my blog post for last year’s event, I explained why both the Hotwife and Cuckoldress monikers resonate for me. If you haven’t read it, it’s called Check the Label.

In the year since the last Cuck Week, I have begun recording a regular series on the Mōn app. I have been a guest on other podcasts. I have also collaborated with other creators to help promote sexual education and wellness. I’ve taken some amazing classes both online and in person about sexuality and kink. It has been a challenge trying to juggle it all.

It has been a privilege to help with organizing the schedule of events for this year. Unlike last year, we have streamlined the discussions from multiple platforms to the Mōn app and Dating Kinky. There is a Cuck Week website for a full list of events as well as a quick reference list on the Mon app.

Image by Mōn.

Please join me for the discussions I’m leading. On Monday, I’ll be interviewing my Twittercrush, Dr. David Ley, author of the book Insatiable Wives: Women Who Stray and the Men Who Love Them. My Tuesday Toy Box Tease discussion will be about my favorite toy to use when I am engaging with a playmate. On Wednesday, I’ll be joined by my kinky twinsie, fellow Slutsister, and Cuckoldress, Shy, to discuss Cuckolding and Kink: Examining the Venn Diagram. Finally, on Friday I’ll be talking with Ramone Quides about his experiences writing cuckolding erotica.

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I’ll also be leading a class in Kink and Cuckolding for Dating Kinky’s weekend event, It’s Not Cheating. This is a full weekend of online webinars, discussions, and classes centered around all forms of nonmonogamy, including cuckolding. I’ll also be on a panel discussion to discuss the Ecstasies and Agonies of Nonmonogamy.

It’s going to be a busy week!! I will definitely be in need of some aftercare. I certainly want to give a big shout out to my amazing husband who has supported and encouraged me through all of my adventures this past year. Love you, hubby!

I do hope you will join me on the Mōn app for all of the #CuckWeek events. Reach out to me on Twitter or Instagram.  If you want to support more reviews and other articles, please consider buying me a coffee!

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