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Meet Mistress K

Meet Mistress K

Welcome to my blog, I am the Headstrong Hotwife.  My name is Mistress K, and I am a Hotwife/Cuckoldress Domme Primal.  I am Non-Monogamous, Bi-curious, and Heteromantic.  I unabashedly own my sexuality as a Slut, and I lead my marriage within the agreement of our FLR.  I’m a Kinkster and a Sexual Health advocate.  I’m a wife, a mother, a lover, a leader, a kinkster, an advocate, a nerd, and a friend.  This blog will be a little bit of everything: a chronicle of my experiences, my opinions on various aspects of the lifestyle, and a bit of my fantasies.  I hope you enjoy it here.  

I got started in the Lifestyle in 2017.  My husband and I decided to open our marriage.  He brought up the Hotwifing Lifestyle to me.  Before that happened, we had come off of a low point in our marriage.  Stepping into the world of Consensual Non-monogamy (CNM) has brought more intimacy, communication, and confidence into our lives.  We have grown closer in this journey than we ever dreamed possible.  It hasn’t been without its pitfalls and hiccups, but even those moments have furthered our trust in each other and our love. 

I consider myself both a Hotwife and a Cuckoldress.  I view Hotwifing and Cuckolding as part of the same spectrum of CNM, and my husband and I dance along this spectrum together and encourage each other.  What I love about being a Hotwife and Cuckoldress is the support he gives me to take charge of my sexuality without shame or stigma.  

I am a Kinkster.  I am a Domme to my husband, who identifies as a submissive.  I identify more as a Primal, and I love exploring the nuances of Primal play, especially with my Bull.  I am also a hedonist, and I seek to have the fullest sexual experiences.  I love impact, bondage, sensory, and knife play.  I look forward to sharing my explorations into the world of Kink, BDSM and more.  I like to misquote Auntie Mame when I say that sexuality “is a banquet, darling, and most poor suckers are starving to death.”  I fully intend to sample as much of life’s sexual banquet as I can while I’m able to. 

I started my journey into kink as a result of meeting people through my hotwifing and cuckolding activities.  Those people have been wonderful guides and mentors as I explore the bounds of my own sexuality.  Exploring my own kinks has also directly impacted my confidence in exploring kink with my husband as well.  He is incredibly supportive of all aspects of my sexual journey, and this is no different.  His encouragement has led me to have had experiences I could have only dreamed about.  I am incredibly grateful to be on this journey with my loving husband and incredible cuck.  He is my rock and my biggest cheerleader. He even made my idea for a logo a reality with the design he crafted.

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My logo has a lot of meaning for me. The knife represents my own journey into kink. The paddle is a symbol of our Female Led Relationship. Both of those elements are supported by the foundation of our Cuckolding dynamic as represented by the lock and key. The trust and communication that has deepened through our journey into CNM is what has led to each step of this journey. I’m glad you’re here as I continue my along my path, and I hope this blog helps you as you navigate your own course.

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