My goal is to get my ASSECT certification as sex educator, and sharing my knowledge and resources has always been a passion. While I have presented both online and on the Mōn app, I am happy to offer these classes for in person learning. I wanted to create a page to share my class descriptions as well as the links to the resources I am using and referencing. If you are interesting in having me present any of these offerings for your group, contact me at

What’s in Your SLUT sack?

How do you prepare yourself for sexual encounters?  This class will go over practical items to have ready for sexy times, but we will also share some mental and emotional tools to enable you to go into your sexual experiences with a full body fuck yeah!

STI Stigma is Stupid

Sex education in this country is designed to stigmatize and create fear around STIs.  Let’s break down the stigma, and come up with some practical plans to live your best kinky and sexy life while not perpetuating shame and fear.  

Cuckolding and Kink: Examining the Venn Diagram

Is Cuckolding a relationship or a kink? This discussion will examine the differences between Cuckolding as a kink and as a relationship.  We will discuss practical ways to begin to explore Cuckolding. We will also look at overlapping kinks that are often associated with cuckolding.

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