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Shhhhh! Hush

I have decided to review some of the contents of my toy box in a series of posts and chats on the Mōn app.  Quick disclaimer that I am not a licensed health or sexual expert, all opinions are my own and do not constitute medical advice. We are in the middle of Anal August!  As I write this, I can hear the soft gasps and slight moans of pleasure from the opposite couch as my husband gets pleasantly tortured by the toy under review today, the Hush.

While Lovense has a new version of this toy, my husband and I have not yet been fortunate enough to get our hands… or sphincters on one.  Therefore, this review will be about the original Lovense Bluetooth remote anal vibrator.  My husband and I had been curious about the possibility of playing discreetly in public with vibrators.  So in the summer of 2019, we bought both his Hush and my Lush 2 as presents to each other, downloaded the Lovense app, and started buzzing.  

I enjoy anal play, but my husband can definitely handle bigger plugs than I can!  He likes a full, stretched feeling with his anal toys and we were hoping that this would be a fun way for us to begin training his ass to go further towards a little gaping play.  We had heard good things about the Lovense brand, and since they were running a sale, and I love a bargain, we opted for that company.  We purchased the 1.75 inch diameter version of the Hush, which was the largest version they had then.  

At the time, it was also the largest plug that we owned, and it took a lot of finger play and warm up for my husband’s ass to accept it.  Now it slips right in!  The plug is made of 100% silicone and is medium-firm on the squish o’meter.  The total length is slightly under five inches, while the insertable length is 3.8 inches. The difference in those lengths provides for a neck long enough to sit very comfortably in my husband’s anus without making him feel like the plug will fall out or that he has to poop. The plug gives him the nice full feeling he enjoys and is comfortable to walk around while wearing.  It’s one of our favorite plugs because of the interactive features of the Bluetooth enabled vibrator.  

According to my husband, the strong vibrations run from a low rumbly feeling, to faster, buzzier vibrations.  For him, the low rumbly ones are preferred.  For me, I love hearing his sharp intake of breath, low moans and grunts, and watching him struggle to articulate his thoughts during our conversations.  The app has several patterns to choose from, or you can create and save your own patterns.  You have the option to keep your patterns private, upload your patterns for others to use, and try out patterns that other users have created.  With the app you can also sync the vibrator to music from your phone or Spotify playlists or even let it access the microphone to react from your voice. I would love to try this at a restaurant or bar and have him feel what the ambient noise from the bar does.  My Bull and I have both recorded and saved patterns.  Some we use on me with my Lush 2, and some of them are for my hubs.  I love watching him react while we watch tv or a movie.  

The plug base is flared in an oblong or “T’ design as opposed to a round base like most jeweled butt plugs. This design is normally much more comfortable and slips neatly between your cheeks.  The “on” button is located on the base and must be pressed before linking it to the app. This also allows independent operation without the app. While you can turn it on after insertion, it is much easier to do so beforehand. This also means it is not easy to turn off either. Though the vibration can be turned off completely from the app. On the base there is a slight hook at one end that appears to be for additional stimulation. However, what ends up happening is that it causes an unpleasant pressure point either on the perineum or below the tailbone depending on the orientation. Additionally, the neck of the plug has a thin spiral, which the company website says is to help keep lube in. The vibration can cause the spiral to irritate the sphincter and anus, which limits the duration of play.  Unfortunately for us, these design choices have prevented us from testing the Hush out in public the way we had envisioned.   

One of the appeals of a Lovense toy is the ability for long distance control.  This is one of my favorite features!  How it works is that your phone is connected to the toy via bluetooth, but the app lets you give control to another app user from their device.  This long distance feature was great during lockdown and is useful for when travel and life get in the way of sexy time. One of my favorite memories is sitting on the couch holding hands with the love of my life as my Bull made both of us gasp from the comfort of his own home.

Some other app features that we haven’t explored but could be fun.  There is an option for sending a “control link” to someone who doesn’t have the app for a one time use.  This might be a good feature for someone engaging in camming or Onlyfans. There is also “speed mode” which increases the vibrations based on how fast you are moving in a vehicle.  This is not advisable to use while driving, but it would certainly make road trips in the passenger seat more interesting! 

Here is our rundown of Pros and Cons and our final score.


  • Easy to use app,
  • Bluetooth connectivity is solid.
  • Flared oblong base over round. 
  • Tapered point for easier insertion


  • Spiral on the base.
  • Hook on the base. 
  • Need to turn on the device before insertion.
  • Not comfortable enough for public play at the moment.

We give this toy a score of 3.5 out of 5 due to the comfort issue.  I’m looking forward to getting hubby the Hush 2.  It has more size options, and it appears they have resolved some of our complaints.  If you enjoyed this and have a toy you want me to review, please reach out to me on Twitter or Instagram with your suggestions.  Or do one better and buy me a coffee so we can get more toys to review!

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