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Dancing with Sharps: Part 2

Dancing with Sharps: Part 2

Knives and Knowledge: Learning the Basics

In my first blog piece, Dancing with Sharps: Part 1, I wrote about discovering Knife Play and incorporating it into my sexual journey.  If you haven’t read that piece, please go do so. In this incredibly long overdue post, I will talk a bit about the Knife Play class I took at the hotel takeover that I attended.  In Part 3 I will write about how I eventually got the Knife Play scene of my dreams.

As I packed for my very first kink hotel takeover in 2021, I remembered looking at the schedule of events and seeing there would be a Knife Play class.  I was excited, but wondered if I would be out of my depth because it was for advanced Knife Play.  I was very much a novice, having barely scratched the surface (pun intended) of this kinky play.  I saw there would be a live demo as part of the class, and the teacher, who goes by the scene-name Nauttiboy, would be leading a workshop later.  I couldn’t wait.

Nauttiboy was exactly as his scene name described him.  He had a wickedly naughty sense of humor and a boyish charm that just captured my attention and made him a very dynamic instructor.  He wove together quality information, jokes, and amusing anecdotes that drove home his messages in a seamless way.  I was immediately impressed with his dedication to safety and personal awareness when engaging in this kink. He also made it very clear that while this is edge play, it is also very fun.  He talked about the importance of the tools and items needed to safely engage in Knife Play.  He offered tips and discussed ways to keep your bottom safe during play and emphasized the mental aspects of this kink.  But the part that impressed me the most and made me want to get to know Nauttiboy more was when he talked about the energy exchange that happens in Knife Play with the knife serving as a conduit for that energy. 

For a knife to be that conduit, it must carry your energy, and for that to happen, both people must feel connected to the knife while also feeling the knife’s energy.  I know this concept can sound far-fetched but indulge me for a moment.  When you are cooking, do you have one knife that you tend to always use?  Is there one that just feels better in your hands compared to others?  Are there other knives that you avoid?  If you have, then you have felt the connection that I’m talking about. 

Nauttiboy was clear in communicating that for a Knife Play scene to work well the Top must feel that very strong energy and connection to their knives and understand their instruments.  Akin to how a musician must know their instrument to play music well. It was very clear to me as I watched Nauttiboy conduct the demo scene for the class, expertly guiding both the class while demonstrating techniques on his bottom, that seeing him lead a full Knife Play scene would be the equivalent of attending a Yo-Yo Ma concert. 

After the class was over, he invited everyone up to chat more, view his collection of knives, and ask questions while he cleaned up from the class demonstration.  I listened to him talk to people and loved how open and enthusiastic he was about sharing this kink with people willing to learn.  His knives were absolutely beautiful!!  Finally, as the crowd thinned, I got a chance to introduce myself and tell him how much I enjoyed his class.  We joked and chatted about kink.  He needed to pack up and prepared for a hands on workshop later that afternoon, that I was definitely attending.

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At the workshop, I had my first taste of Knife play at the hands of Nauttiboy.  The workshop was set up to be a very informal open area for multiple demonstrations and opportunities to practice or experience different kinks with guidance.  I hopped up on Nauttiboy’s table, and he demonstrated some very basic sensations of how the knife felt.  I’d had one grazed against my skin but never directly or in a way where excess pressure would cut me.  I felt that frisson of excitement amplified in a way that I hadn’t experienced before.  I knew that I wanted to experience a more in-depth scene with him at some point.  When my turn at the workshop was over, I approached Nauttiboy with the idea of potentially doing a scene with him at some point in the future and not necessarily at that event.  I knew that he didn’t normally do pick up play, and I wanted to respect his boundaries.  I left the window open for when this scene could take place, and he said he would consider it.

I enjoyed so many more classes, events, and time with my friends.  Despite this being a hotel takeover with well over 700 people present, I ran into Nauttiboy a lot during this event.  We spoke multiple times over the course of the weekend, and each time we learned more about each other and found we have very similar views regarding kink and sexuality.  Safety and personal responsibility are both core values we share, and we both prefer to initially learn a new kink by bottoming in it before we learn to Top.  Something we also discussed was how knowing your partner was important.  Pick-up play in a knife scene can be very risky for both the Top and bottom in this type of kink.  We talked about how discussion and post scene analysis were core aftercare needs.  We also laughed and joked about our mutual pop culture nerdiness.  In short, we just clicked.

On the last night of the takeover, I was on the main play floor with my friends watching all the kinky play happening around me: suspension, impact, grappling, and more.  We were soaking up the kinky atmosphere when Nauttiboy walked up to me and asked to know more about what kind of scene I desired.  I told him that I wanted it to be sensual rather than sadistic and fear based.  I wanted him to slice a body stocking off me and then to feel the back, the flat, and the edge of the knife.  I also wanted to see the knife.  No marks, and I wasn’t comfortable with any knife insertion into my genitalia.  I wanted to feel caressed by a weapon.  He was comfortable with my requests and limits and agreed to do a scene with me. We arranged a time and location in the hotel. I could barely contain my excitement.  To be continued in Part 3.


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