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Lock It Up! Metal or Plastic?

Lock It Up! Metal or Plastic?

A metal and a black plastic cock cage facing each other..

A Chastity Toy Box Tease: Part 2

Welcome back to part 2 of my Toy Box Tease on cock cages.  We are in the home stretch of Locktober!  Personally, I love October not just for the plethora of cock cages but also the changing seasons and excitement of Halloween with its variety of tricks and treats.  For some, the idea of locking up your cock for a whole month is quite the horror!  Chastity play and cock cages definitely require the participants to be in the correct headspace.   For those of you who are participating, how are you doing? On edge? Has intimacy increased?  Are you both anxiously waiting for unlocking, and that sweet release of an orgasm? Or is this simply sexy sadistic torture?

My husband and I have participated in Locktober twice, in 2018 and 2019.  In our first year, we didn’t attempt the 24/7 locked schedule.  We attempted to be locked for the majority of every day and really tried to connect with the teasing and build up aspect.  We did have sex because frankly, I would get so worked up from teasing and edging him, that I wanted sex.  I loved how physically close we could be without having sex and pushing each other to delay it as much as possible.  

In 2019, we decided to try for the full lockdown.  We really had to psych ourselves up for it that year.  We took some of the lessons we learned during our first Locktober such as there needs to be at least some touching or acknowledgement of the cage every day.  We learned that for us we can’t set it and forget it.  Meaning that I can’t rely on the cage to do the work of keeping my cuck pent up and teased without my involvement.  As much as we enjoyed it, that year was challenging for both of us, but it was especially hard on my cuck during the last week.  Little things bothered him more, like the occasional pinch or chaff from the cage, sitting down to pee, or not being able to use the urinal when he was with friends at a pub.  I was ready for him to be done as well.  Frankly, we haven’t been in the right headspace to attempt another full month of Locktober since.

I will always love chastity play.  There is something incredibly sexy to me about locking up my husband’s cock.  I love stroking him in his cage and seeing his cock strained against his cage for me.  I love how it brings us closer together mentally and emotionally.  I absolutely LOVE wearing the key around my neck while I’m with another man.  My kinky partners embrace this and enjoy fucking me while I am wearing the key, knowing that my husband can’t even get hard.  I have also had a few play partners want to experience being locked and teased. I love and appreciate their trust and vulnerability, and the control and power I feel is wonderfully sexy.

In my last blog post I talked about the plastic cage we owned several years ago and how much I preferred metal to plastic.  We own three metal cages.  One’s cage length is too long, has a hinged ring, and uses a padlock. While it is too long for my husband, I have been able to use it for short term play with other play partners. One is very short.  I call this the date night cage.  It’s too short for long term wear, and the way the bars extend out from a central point tends to open the skin of his urethral opening causing chaffing on his underwear. But it is ideal for humiliation play during a scene or short term wear out to dinner for a date.  It has a solid ring base, an integrated lock system, and a little nub of a cage.  It makes my husband’s cock look adorable, but I’m always a little bit worried when we play with it.  

Our third metal cage is almost perfect.  This is the one we use most of the time and is the one we used for Locktober.  We purchased this one from a Chinese wholesale company called DHgate to experiment with because we weren’t ready to spend the money to get a custom sized cage from Mature Metal.  It was less than $40 as opposed to the upwards of $300 that you can spend on a custom metal cage.  I love this cage, especially the medieval look of it.  This is the cage that made me fall to my knees and suck his cock the first time he wore it. Although the one we purchased is no longer available, I’m sure there is something similar out there, but I haven’t been able to find the exact one. The stainless steel, solid oval ring base, integrated lock, and the orientation of the vertical and horizontal bars on the cage are very comfortable for longer wear if a bit heavy.   The stainless steel is easy to clean, and the great ventilation means minimal odor.  The integrated lock didn’t hurt my pubic area if I wanted to tease him by fucking his cage.  

We were lucky in our purchase.  Quality wasn’t something that is guaranteed when you don’t buy from a known manufacturer.  We easily could have received something that wasn’t quality metal or had burrs or other deficiencies.  You always want to check the cage thoroughly to make sure there aren’t any defects.  Although it was almost perfect for us, we discovered that the base ring was a little bit too big and the cage, just slightly too long. But it was a great cage to figure out what worked and what didn’t. Including what I needed my husband’s cock cage to look like to keep me stimulated.

With the advent of 3D printing, there has been a cheaper alternative to the high priced custom sized metallic cages.  We recently decided to take advantage of this and try out a plastic cage again. We bought a custom sized 3D printed cage from Kink3D, the Cobra N+.  This cage is sleek, matte black plastic.  Kink3D has custom sizes for the head of the penis, the shaft, and length.  The cage fits solidly and snugly into the base ring and is secured with an integrated lock.  The advantage to the design from Kink3d is that the base, cage, and lock are interchangeable.  The website has a great sizing guide to help get the correct fit, and you can buy a kit that comes with all the components.  

It’s incredibly lightweight compared to the metal cage.  If the metal cage creates a medieval feeling, then the Kink3D cage has a sports car, Ferrari style feeling.  The metal cage looks like a cage, but this one could almost look like dick jewelry.  The matte black plastic has an edgy sleek look, and the smooth plastic feels so soothing to stroke and fondle. I find myself reaching over more to stroke it, which delights my husband immensely.  The price is about half of the price of a custom metal cage at $155.  

While we haven’t had the plastic cage long enough to play with it the way I would really like to, there are pros and cons to both cages.  The metal cage is heavier and can pull on his scrotum more, meaning that hubby needs to wear more supportive underwear when using his metal cage.  The Cobra N+ is lighter, and the ring gap is narrower on our model and holds it in place well.   The head of his penis doesn’t seat quite right into the head of the cage and slides back bit.  We aren’t sure if this is a sizing issue, the sharper downward angle or just how the company has designed the head of the cage.  The metal cage allows for a little more flexibility for his urethra opening to line up perfectly between the bars of his cage making urination less messy.  The way that his penis fits into the Cobra N+ doesn’t always easily line up, meaning that urination can be tricky. Although this adds to the humiliation, for us, it is unintended and undesired. For others this may be very appealing.  The less downward angle of the metal cage makes it easier for me to suck and fuck the cage more easily.  The Cobra N+ presents some challenges for this because of how sharp the downward angle of the cage is and causes the shaft of the cage to be pressed firmly against the scrotum providing a very flat profile. Both cages can create occasional skin hotspots after a while if you aren’t used to wearing them long term. While both cages are easy to keep clean, the structure of the Cobra N+ makes it a little more difficult to be cleaned and may need to be removed more often to ensure proper hygiene.

Final Rundown and Comparison

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Metal Cage Pros:

  • Aesthetics
  • Comfort and cleanliness
  • Value
  • Variety of teasing options

Metal Cage Cons:

  • Weight
  • Lack of customization or product guarantee

Kink3D Cobra N+ Pros:

  • Aesthetics
  • Comfort and lightweight
  • Value
  • Customization
  • Robust online user support system

Kink3D Cobra N+ Cons:

  • Frequency of cleaning
  • Alignment and fit issues
  • Angle of design makes teasing difficult.

There is certainly more experimenting and playing to be done with both cages.  I haven’t used my vibrator on the Cobra N+ to make him cum or fucked hubby in this cage.  Between the two of them, I still prefer the metal cage.  However, I am looking forward to all the fun experimenting we can do with the Kink3D, especially if we can sort out any potential sizing issues.  Overall, I give both cages a 4 out of 5 for toys.  Chastity play has become a wonderful intimacy boosting kink for both of us, if we are in the right headspace to explore it.  For any couple who feels adventurous and wants to play with power dynamics, intimacy, and tease and denial, I highly encourage you to try cock cages.  There are a ton of options to try and lots of ways to play. 

As always, here is my quick disclaimer that I am not a licensed health or sexual expert, all opinions are my own and do not constitute medical advice.  I hope you will join me on the Mōn app to continue our discussion Locktober and chastity.  If you enjoyed this post, reach out to me on Twitter or Instagram with more ideas.  If you want to support more reviews or help me buy new cock cages to try on hubby, please consider buying me a coffee.

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