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Erotic Musings

Erotic Musings

Poetry Erotica

This is a bit of sensual erotic poetry inspired from previous text conversations. Sometimes when I am texting with a playmate or my husband, there is poetic quality to way I pattern my words, especially when I am trying to create a specific mood. I deliberately challenged myself to write this poem in a three line stanza format and beginning each line with a command. I also love the sense of power dynamics this conveys. The repetitive pattern of this poem has an almost hypnotic feel, and I can imagine myself saying this to create an hypnotic state in myself and my partner. Hope you enjoy.


Text me.
Tantalize my mind.
Paint pictures of us in my imagination.

Kiss me.
Explore my mouth.
Send lightning bolts of electricity straight to my clit.

Touch me.
Trail your fingers down my back.
Trace the lines of my body until goosebumps follow after.

Suck me.
Open your mouth to my breast.
Feel my nipple harden against your tongue.

Finger me.
Circle my clit and labia.
Watch me squirm and squirt as desire grows.

Tease me.
Rub the head of your cock against my opening.
Build the tension until I arch against you seeking.

Fuck me.
Stroke your cock against that secret pleasure spot.
Thrust deep inside me over and over to feel me gush.

Bite me.
Press your teeth into my skin.
Mark me and release my primal self to mark you in return.

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Hear me.
Chase my gasps, moans, and growls with each sensation.
Revel as I scream out your name or say go harder or demand more.

Cum for me.
Explode your pleasure inside me.
Fill me up as I milk every drop from your throbbing cock with my wet pussy.

Hold me.
Wrap your arms around me.
Keep us both safe after the tumult of our passion.

~Copyright Mistress K


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